Cuevas del Sur

The best wines are born of the noblest lands. The diversity and great richness of our terroirs, located in the best known valleys in the country, give us an incalculable potential to create wines of the highest quality. Owned by the Achurra family since 1961, Viña Requingua, which in Mapuche means ´Rincón de los Vientos´, is the backbone of Survalles and the foundation for Survalles’ growth.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Ruby red color, bright, red highlights. intense strawberry and raspberry nose with a hint of cacao. Pleasant and lively mouth entry; medium bodied, with well-blended tannins in the finish.

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Sauvignon Blanc

Bright, pale yellow with green highlights. Intense nose of citrus and green apples, with a faint hint of glass. Crisp mouth entry light bodied, whit a very fresh finish.

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Straw color, with gold highlights. Intense nose of pear, pineapple and acacia flowers. Mouth entry is refreshing and crisp, medium bodied, with outstanding notes of exotic fruit in the finish.

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Sheer ruby with bright orange highlights. Intense nose of strawberry an raspberry with a hint of cacao. Pleasant and lively mouth entry. Medium bodied, with well blended tannins in the finish.

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