Proyecto Las Compuertas

Cabernet Franc

This wine comes from an old vineyard in the estate selected and replanted at high density in sand loam soils with deep gravel, and is fermented in concrete eggs without epoxy. Elegant and well-balanced.

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Malbec 5 Suelos

After the précises soil composition study was completed, 5 wines were defined resulting from the 5 different soil profiles.  Each wine is made in separate concrete eggs and then a final blend is determined.

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Criolla Parral

Obtained from the pergola trained vines of Don Carlos de Danielle, which date back to 1943, these vines recover the essence in the wine destined to be enjoyed by the locals of the region.  With a focus to conserve the varietal expression and place of origin, these wines have been fermented in concrete eggs with native yeasts.

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