Mosquita Muerta Wines

“Mosquita Muerta” is an expression in Spanish which is used to describe a person (male or female) with apparently little potential for success who ends up accomplishing a remarkable feat. Jose Millán chose this name for his project to mock those in the region who doubted of his potential as a wine business entrepreneur. Around 70% of Mosquita Muerta’s production is sold in Buenos Aires, where the wines have become an overnight success among Argentine wine connoisseurs.

Sapo de Otro Pozo

Fruity, aromatic and complex red blend. The Malbec brings great aromatic expression, accompanied by the characteristic savory flavor of Cabernet Franc. The Syrah brings strength of tannins to the wine.

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Mosquita Muerta

This red blend is rich, fruity and complex both on the nose and the palate. The Malbecs combine to create fruity ripe plum flavors with floral aromas while the Cabernet Sauvignon brings rich structure enhanced by the smoothness of the Merlot and the herbal notes of the Cab Franc.

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Pispi Malbec

Hand-Harvested grapes from each terroir at different dates in order to find the ideal ripeness and expression. Then each component is elaborated separately. The fermentation takes place in French oak barrels and concrete tanks, At low temperatures (around 23 grades C), with indigenous yeasts, therefore achieving a great expression and complexity of aromas.

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Pispi Cabernet Sauvignon

Hand-Harvested grapes from our estate located in El Manzano, San Carlos, Uco Valley (4600 feet above sea level) looking for the ideal ripeness and expression from this great terroir. The fermentation of our tanks, at low temperatures (around 23 grades C), achieving a great expression and complexity of aromas.

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Flor del Inca Cabernet Sauvignon

Flor del Inca Cabernet Sauvignon is a fruit forward style wine with a bright and attractive deep red color. On the nose, it presents spicy aromas combined with plums and pepper. Persistent and well balanced on the plate, easy to drink and enjoy. Great wine to pair with roasted meat, grilled vegetables or pasta.

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Flor del Inca Malbec

Flor del Inca Malbec is a fruit forward style wine with a vivacious deep red color with violet hints. On the nose it presents aromas of red fruits, cherries and plums with chocolate notes. Persistent and well-balanced, easy to drink. Great to enjoy with roasted meat, fowl and salmon.

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